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Just a few pages out of one of my FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead stories, this one is a twelve pager that I wrote and did all the finishes on called RADIO BASE Z

This is a one page comic I did for the DC Conspiracy Comic Newspaper, THE MAGIC BULLET. this was for MAGIC BULLET #2 and the story is entitled CLAIMED


This one here I did all the pencils and inks on for The Gutters which is a humorous web comic that comes out three times a week, this was Gutters #66 .

This is a page out of my story from FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned entitled “If God Be For Us” written by none other than Stephen Lindsey of Jesus Hates Zombies, Massive Awesome, and Devil’s Trail fame.

This is a short 4 page bloodbath entitled “…and the Crowd Goes Wild” that Jeff McComsey and I did since we figured FUBAR couldn’t be without a baseball bat wielding zombie smasher

These next few pages were for a web comic called Stabb Gunner which runs weekly on The Fictory Comics website. Originally I was only going to ink Courtland Ellis’ pencils but ended up finishing the ghosted in backgrounds as well as giving the characters a bit of flavor. After the 4 pages that I helped on the guys got their footing and took off running. Stabb Gunner is written inked and colored by Joe Krzemienski and penciled by Courtland Ellis and it runs every Monday at Fictory

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