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Every now and again if time permits me when I’m bored or frustrated with drawing, or just 2D in general, I like to sculpt for a change of artistic venue and use a variety of unorthodox media.

This was a small 4 legged insect like robot crawler I made last summer. It’s probably not much larger that 10 inches at its widest points and weights barely anything since it was made out of styrofoam. These are a few stage photos of the beast before and after it was painted to resemble faux weathered and distressed iron.

Using the confidence from my previous endeavor and same process as the robot insect crawler I made this robot which had to be a bit more exacting. This is the Helsingard maquette, the antagonist that I redesigned for The Fictory Atomic Robo: Last Stop animation. I worked from my model sheet layout to get every detail as close to what I had drawn on paper for my turnaround. The end result is about 18 inches tall and 20 inches wide and I feel really captures the intensity of the character. This maquette was then used as reference for Riley Hearn to build a digital 3D model used for all of Helsingards animation in the short.


This piece here is just a little rooster that I made a while back from an eggshell and some spare aluminum cans, not trying to get all deep but I think the idea of something as fragile as an eggshell juxtaposed and melded with a substance with as much perceived strength as metal, is something of an interesting duality. In the end I just think it looked cool because I gave up on that duality crap since I’ve had to fix the cracking eggshell like 3 times since I’ve made it, if I ever have to do another sometime I’ll use a wooden egg.


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  1. April 24, 2012 9:42 am

    wow… man, this is amazing!

    • April 25, 2012 2:51 am

      Hey thanks man, glad you like it! Sorry I haven’t gotten around to updating this part of the blog lately because I haven’t done much sculptural work lately but I do have a fabrication of a life size heavy machine gun that I haven’t uploaded the process photos for since it was finished way back last summer, hopefully I’ll find some time to get those up soon.

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