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UPDATE 12-30-15: I am no longer the Art Director nor a contributor for FUBAR

FUBAR is the Historical  Zombie Comic Book Series that I am currently in partnership on with none other than  Jeff McComsey. We started out doing WW2 and have gone pretty much everywhere history would take us ever since. I’ve been acting Art Director for our whole production since pretty much the beginning and have executed promos, pin-ups, punk rock pins, t-shirts, a number of our sequential comic stories, a full line of zombie shooting target merchandise, built convention displays, built a full size replica Browning M1919 machine gun, and designed the advertising, blog headers, web promos, credits, page layouts, covers and mastheads of just about every issue and collection we’ve printed. And that is a lot of pulp comic content, with damn near 50 different FUBAR zombie combat tactical shooting targets. Generally speaking I’ve done whatever the drill sergeant demanded to try to get these books on the short list of most awesome projects that the world has ever come to know. Enlist now and get in early on the zombie action!

The first cover of FUBAR done by Jeff McComsey

My first page splash for “If God Be For US”

First teaser pin-up I did when the book was still just an idea

the tshirt we made from the original promo piece

back cover of FUBAR vol 1 European Theater of the Damned

So we sold out of our first printing of FUBAR and already knowing we were going to making a second volume, we approached Danilo Beyruth to do the new cover for now entitled FUBAR vol.1 European Theater of the Damned

first set of pins for our debut at the Baltimore Comic Convention

the next year at the BCC I wanted to double my effort so this is set 2

and this is set 3

now that the merchandise was starting to roll out for our second volume Empire of the Rising Dead we needed a second title pin for our pin sets, these are both title pins together

the whole mess of WW2 zombie soldier pins

a teaser promo that we released right before the announcement for vol. 2

Danilo Beyruth’s cover for FUBAR vol.2 Empire of the Rising Dead

this was a piece that I created for an ad in ZombieBomb that we ended up using for the back cover of Empire of the Rising Dead as well as for our D-Day of the Dead nationwide comic shop signing

promo piece for web use to get people to the FUBARfacebook

the ad that I created to promote the FUBAR etsy shop and my zombie shooting targets

character designs for an app game based on a FUBAR short story







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