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This is a broad range of different character sheets, background elements, environmental assets, and vehicle breakdowns that I’ve been working on for various projects.

These are some pieces I did a little while back, they are just a study of some trucks and some space ships, an insect like alien thug  and my as-yet-to-appear-in-anything-special character Deuce Tango

This is my Helsingard robot design for TheFictory’s animated short feature production of Atomic Robo: Last Stop, which was co written by Brian Clevinger the writer of the popular Eisner Award winning comic property Atomic Robo.

These are some  sketches for my Helsingard Robot from the preliminary phase of production when we were trying to nail down the true appearance of the character. I worked up sheets and sheets of various interchangeable parts with all manor of different configurations that could potentially work for the character bearing in mind that it was to be for an animation, hence why some of the more complicated, albeit favored, designs got the axe.

When the giant robot Helsingard character was completely up in the air at the beginning of production I decided to sketch out a couple quadrupedal versions just in case it proved to be the coolest design we could come up with. Most of the guys in the studio were really impressed with the menace that it brought to the character especially in the case of the spidery looking legs but we all decided it’d be almost impossible to animate on our allotted timetable and budget. However these are the designs that got scrapped.

So the Atomic Robo: Last Stop animated feature has somewhat dominated my time in the past year and for good reason. It’s an epic production with a small crew that has allowed me to virtually draw whatever I want as long as it fits in the landscape and scope of the production. This is some assorted vegetation that populates the desert landscape of the opening of the short.

So I”ve generated all kinds of vehicle assets for the various backgrounds of Atomic Robo, mostly train cars but since this is supposed to be set in a defunct eastern bl0c militarized Soviet railyard with heavy mobile artillery storage areas in severe disrepair, I’ve had the opportunity to extend the originally proposed  train cars only vehicle assets requirements into including some really spicy trucks, jeeps, tanks, mobile SAM units and munitions.

Buildings buildings buildings, I hadn’t really done a whole lot of buildings or architecture before Robo but now I love drawing them, and seriously the more fucked up and battered the the better, I’ve gotten very used to drawing cluttered up piles of trash and detritus in the corners and it’s a lot of fun.

Another project that keeps me gainfully employed is FUBAR. It gives me an opportunity to do some sequential work and tell some stories. For a me an engaging story needs an interesting character so I get to develop the look of a couple of characters here and there which I personally find to be a lot of the fun. Here’s a few of the characters that I got to develop for the first installment of FUBAR as well as a sneak peek at some upcoming characters that I hope to use in FUBAR 2.

This was my original sketch that I came up with for the army chaplain character in Stephen Lindsay’s FUBAR story, If God Be For Us. There was no real description of the character in my script other than the cross tattoo on his forearm, so I just took an idea and ran with it, kind of imagined a Willem Dafoe sort of vibe.

This is Mad Dog, an unhinged marine with some personality issues he’s coming to grips with while fighting off zombie infestation in the pacific. Stay tuned for more on this guy real soon in FUBAR 2

Some character work I did for a game that never got made.

warrior fox lo res warrior cat lo reswarrior cat unused blog lo res

warrior fox2 lo res Warrior fox 3  warrior cat2 lo res

warrior cat2 lo res v2

warrior cat final finish copy

Warrior Cat lo res blog

warrior cat lo res color sample

warrior fox final finish copyWarrior Fox lo res blog

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  1. October 14, 2011 2:19 pm

    I like your work! It’s excellent!

  2. October 21, 2011 3:05 am

    Hey thanks so much for taking a look, I am glad you enjoyed my work.

  3. Badowens permalink
    January 19, 2013 7:31 pm

    yes indeed vary nice…

  4. Diogo Teixeira permalink
    March 8, 2013 7:31 am

    man you´re awesome, i know drawing but like you… forget it…!!!!! 🙂

    Obs. I like to draw zombies, but i dont have that creativity, can you give me some ideias..???? i will apreciate a lot…!


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