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December 30, 2015


It’s the end of December and you know what that means? Realizing another year was squandered without a blog post! I’m not letting that constricting feeling of the conclusion to another calendar year get me down though so I’m gonna start 2016 off fresh by making something of myself! An easy place to start is with this blog which has not been used to almost any potential at all this year, especially after seeing the stats of how many people stop by here every month purely by accident. Anyway as your absentee landlord I promise I’m going to make the effort again to update here more often and do some clean-up. Firstly it’s going to be mostly prehistoric now, I’m fulfilling a childhood dream and doing what I love so paleoart will be a bulk of the work for 2016. I’m in the process of knocking out a giant 300 page prehistoric coloring book called A Story In Stone so I’ll be working a lot on new pieces and I want to showcase them here. If you are into that kind of thing stay tuned I’ll be practically going stream of consciousness uploading stuff and explaining what i’ve got going on. And lastly zombies are done. That’s all over now, I learned my lessons and I’m moving on so if you want to see FUBAR stuff you’ve got the wrong guy I’m not interested in any of that, however I will still sell any prints or books or original art I have remaining is stock though just not lugging any of it to shows.

In the meantime before I get this deathstar operational by changing out links and getting old work replaced in key places, please feel free to follow along with any of my social media presence, those are all totally updated on the regular.

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