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Prehistoric Pencils 7

July 11, 2014


I took some time off from posting since last weekend when I was just excited to have a real long weekend for the holiday. Been getting alot done but i didnt necessarily want to overwhelm everyone and post everyday so I’m laying back a bit on showing off all these prehistoric beasts and blowing the surprise. Anyway I said that my next pencil sketch would probably be from the Permian Era and I decided to post up two beasts, both Permian predators. The Dimetrodon was an early Permian predatory pelycosaur, very likely the apex carnivore of the era, well known for the pronounced profile created by its sail back.  The other animal is much smaller later Permian therapsid called a Lycaenops, which was much more advanced with limbs placed directly below its body and an ability to run with far less effort than its predecessors. Well only 98 more pieces to pencil up, I’ll keep you all posted as I make more progress towards a finished book, check here for other pics I’ve archived in PREHISTORIC ART.

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