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Prehistoric Pencils

June 26, 2014



I’ve been posting my working thumbnails for this book project for the past few days and I figured I would share what the next step to those roughs look like. So after I work up a few designs at give or take like 2×3 inches or so I print them out at roughly a full letter size doc and lightbox the pencil finishes from that. I think I’ve hit a good stride with them now that I’ve been at it a few weeks, the early roughs were a lot rougher but these new ones I feel a lot more confident about and they have taken a lot less digital work to get them where I want them. Some have changed drastically in the finished pencil phase or switched from a right facing layout to a left facing but otherwise I feel the extra step has been necessary to keep the vitality of the initial sketch through to the finish. Once I have the character of the animal I add some ground terrain and vegetation to complete the vignette. The end products will eventually all be pen and ink but we are a ways off from seeing those. Anyway this is the finished pencil version of the archosaur Lagosuchus, I may make some alteration to the vegetation in the piece before I take it to an inked finish because I want to try and portray the animal in a slightly smaller scale.

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