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A Few More For The Road

June 26, 2014


So I am pretty much finished with all the basic sketched layouts for this prehistorical animal book but did do a pickup on 3 more full pages before I really get into the 2-page spreads. I was talking with a fella who asked about some of the other alternative apex therapods of the Cretaceous and I figured it’d be a cop out to only use the wildly famous T-Rex and the impressively lethal Spinosaurus of Jurassic Park fame so I also decided to add in the Giganotosaurus and the Acrocanthosaurus. I wanted to do a Basilosaurus as well since I didnt want to leave aquatic mammals out. I’m using the Steppe Mammoth for one of the 2-page spreads that I’ll be doing since it was such a gigantic beast! I think I’ve got that list all worked out for the 2-pagers and it should be cool to have a little more space to work with on those to hopefully make the finishes that much more impressive.

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