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More Prehistoric Sketches

June 25, 2014

thumbs_layout_5_lo thumbs_layout_6_loHere’s another round of thumbnail layouts for the prehistoric animals I’ve been working on since last I posted. The last two weekends of conventions that I attended weren’t as busy as usual so I was able to get a little side work in at the table and knock out a few small sketches. I even got around to messing around and knocking out a few on the train, which is sort of a no-no for me since me and drawing in a moving vehicle usually gets me terrible case of motion sickness but it worked out this time I guess, just a little disorientation afterwords, but I blame the train seat being backwords. So anyway the jist is that I am getting down to the wire here on this stage and aside from the few odds and ends of remnant animals I choose to add last minute and the remaining two page spreads, I’ll be moving onto the next phase and doing finished pencils for all of these creatures. I could do these little sketches all day if it were up to me, but eventually getting around to a finish on the project is far more important so I’ll be cutting it short very soon and keeping it moving. If anybody has any suggestions for a beast they’d like to see before I pull the plug on new creatures for the book than by all means drop in a comment and I’ll see what I can do about it.

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