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New concept work added

March 21, 2014

warrior fox lo res warrior cat lo res

I realized that I had some uncategorized concept art on my blog from a little ways back that needed a permanent home in the COLLECTION OF CONCEPT ART. These two pieces and their other derivations were for an anthropomorphic fighting game that was never green lit past the early concept phase. I started with some gnarly, battle hardened versions based on the rough concepts of the characters which ended up pared down into a bit of a more broad based and less frenzied finish. Still wish they’d gone with the first incarnations, those are part of what I would have wanted to play. So the 12 pieces from this job including the finishes are all the way down at the bottom, you’ll see them if you scroll. I’ll probably be loading up some other concept art within a day or 2 that I did a while back for another game that never saw the light of day, slightly different from my normal but still fun stuff.

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