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Brush Inks

January 19, 2013


In the past week I’ve really wanted to jump into brush inking, I thought about it for an upcoming project but more than that I really want to start using it for at least some part of all my work because I dig the character and line weight variation that it provides. It’s wild after finding and printing out some full size comic book pages from guys who’s styles I really liked, I studied them to try and figure out some pieces I was missing to my own work and it really came down to missing the heavier lines. Up until the other day I’d always been striving to find the thinnest line when in reality that line was as fine as it needed to be and to contrast it my heavier lines need more body and character. If I continue with pens exclusively that’s going to mean alot of second and third passes to make things as bold as I think they might need to be, so I went and picked up some supplies and tried brushing a piece. As it turned out it was surprisingly easier to control this time around versus when I tried it two years ago, I did, however, pick up better ink and brushes though so maybe that made the difference. I think also in the interim using the brush pens made this jump more graceful. Anyway so I inked this Max Rebo piece I had laying around almost exclusively with brush and I dig it. Hopefully I can make this upcoming story sing without having to do the pages as big as a wall.

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