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December 9, 2012


Today’s piece is a funny little personal take on Rasputin, and this is definitely a hat’s off to Tyler Crook and Philip Gelatt’s PETROGRAD. An awesome comic book slow burner about an international murder plot set amidst the backdrop of a mid-WW1 Russian Czarist home-front all on pulp paper in black white and red wash. So this is the mad monk Rasputin and at his feet is the Czarina drinking a cup of his mystic blood in ecstasy, the book is not supernatural in anyway but its about intrigue with this mystic figure head at the center of the Russian power struggle so I played up on that with the piece. It’s a very cool book and the packaging is awesome, I have it in hardcover and it’s one of my favorites of last year. I got to meet up with Tyler Crook at the New York Comic Con a couple months back and he was a cool fella, did a little sketch up in the front and signed the book up for me which I think is pretty cool. So take a look for PETROGRAD if you are a comic fan and check out Tyler Crook’s work on the newest arc of Dark Horse’s BPRD series, its awesome. Anyway got some commissions to be getting to so I’m out, might have something new posted for later tonight.

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