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FUBAR: By The Sword process

November 16, 2012


If you guys dig on process than you’ll probably enjoy this post, unless your not into my work, because then you might not like it so much. Anyway so I’d mentioned in previous posts how the FUBAR Kickstarter campaign was doing really well and that we’d announce the project that would be greenlit if we met our stretch goal, and well FUBAR: By The Sword is that project. It will initially be a 32 page one-shot about fuckin swords, arrows, armor and zombies, and if we hit our stretch goal of $20,000 we’ll make a full 110 pg book out of it that will go to all the backers who pledged for a qualifying level of reward. There was also a T-shirt included in that pledge reward that I also knocked out earlier this week. Anyway here are the progress pieces leading up to the finishes on both projects, i like showing process but I was asked not to post these up until it went live on the Kickstarter site first and since that’s all happened now I am throwing it up on here like a gang-sign for all you gawkers to take a gander at. We’ve got the cover project from super rough pencils up through finished and graphic designed cover, and inks and finish on the shirt since I did the roughs on a post it note I don’t really have them hanging around, I’ve also included a link to the Kickstarter fundraiser so you can snag yourself some sweet FUBAR schwag.

this is that link or click the photo

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