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American History Z Kickstarter

November 6, 2012

So FUBAR Central Command launched our Kickstarter campaign to fund our third and most ambitious volume of FUBAR comic anthologies, American History Z,  and in it’s first week we’ve made our initial goal of what we were mostly looking for in order to fund a majority of our printing costs. Which is good for us at Central Command who no longer have to worry about not getting the book printed and can focus our energies back on what we do best, make more content for books. Now that American History Z isn’t as big a worry, let’s turn up the heat! We’ve been kicking around the idea of a project that is a little outside the realm of the other historical periods we’ve covered in the past and thought why the hell not, a Medieval FUBAR. Not sword and sorcery with dragons and orcs, although tempting, but a mostly humans vs. zombies swords and arrows on horseback kind of gig. Seemed like a fun idea and now that we have the opportunity to possibly get the print costs funded on top of American History Z, that means it could potentially see your bookshelves way sooner than anticipated. Although the in’s and the outs of details like page count and who would be providing stories is limited, I posted up what at the moment is a potential cover for the book. If you’d like to contribute to the campaign to help keep FUBAR and Indy Comics alive and flourishing I’ve provided a link to the FUBAR Kickstarter page in the photo above.

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