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Busy bee, but at least there’s a new target

October 27, 2012

Sorry everybody I was doing really well with keeping up relatively regularly for a month or 2 but lately things had just been crazy busy with conventions and special projects, I had a couple weddings to go to, just all kinds of stuff that have kept me away. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working on new stuff, I just haven’t posted anything here in a month or so. I promise I’ll do some catching up here in the next week and get a few pieces up for y’all to gawk at. In the meantime I’ve got this guy here, a new Zombie Shooting Target for the new volume of FUBAR: American History Z. This here’s my American Revolutionary War British Redcoat. He’s just one of 5 new full body targets that I’ll be posting up in the next week or so as I finish the graphic design on them. This guy will be available through the Etsy Shop in 2 weeks or so, in the meantime I want to let it be exclusive for the FUBAR: Process & Pulp gallery opening next Friday. If you’re in anywhere in the Lancaster, PA area you should come on out to the show. I’ll post the flier Sunday or Monday.

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