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American History Z pins part 4

August 26, 2012

So I’ve got the title pin locked in for the revolutionary war 5 pin set and finished up the inks on the colonial woman and the southern belle as well as got them integrated into the template with the right layer orders and effects. I tend to be pretty redundant with my layer ordering and effects and since I know very few shortcuts I tend to just hammer away at it until I get the desired output. So here’s the screenshot of what I’ve got so far, there’s a few differences from the last sets of pins that I created for the ww2 books because I do know a bit more than I did then and I think I might keep the backgrounds of these guys in color as oppose to the grayscales that the old sets were, that could change at the last minute since I do enjoy a bit of uniformity, but who knows this books content is a departure from the last one and the difference might be cool. Anyway I finished making the eggplant i was cooking that was my other task for today so it’s back to work on these guys.

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