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Black Canary Commission part1

July 31, 2012

So as a fulfillment to an obligation from the last FUBAR Kickstarter fundraiser I have to draw a con style sketch of Black Canary from the DC universe. However my con sketches kinda suck, so I’m going for a more clean finish. Surprisingly enough not really a big super hero kinda guy and even when I was a kid and loved all that, I was all Marvel so I had to hit the wiki and figure out first and foremost who Black Canary was, but I got a feel for the character and don’t mind drawing the sexy ladies so I set to the task.  Here’s what I got so far, it’s a bit rough but I’ve been going in and cleaning it up via the lightbox, I’m a big lightbox fan because my roughs suck big time being so heavy handed and using a 2mm drafting pencil, maybe that’s because I always use a lightbox for cleanup and now I count on that? Who knows, fuck that chicken-or-the-egg mind game, the lightbox works so we’re onto cleanup and hopefully a finish by tomorrow or so. I’ll post progress.

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