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FUBAR: Summer Special Credits

July 28, 2012

So Summer Special is off to the printers and should be in shops by the end of August! It’s pretty exciting stuff since for the last FUBAR antho I got to do a story with Tim and Ben Truman which was awesome and this time I got to work on a story by the great Chuck Dixon who’s work I’ve thought was the bees knees since I was a kid reading Image Era Team7. So this book is the follow up to our Free Comic Book Day special half book which is the first time that FUBAR Central Command has tried to solicit a single issue to comics shops, and if the pre-orders are reliable we may try another issue for the winter if people are still excited, this is all just conjecture, don’t take my blabbing as definite since as it stands FUBAR Summer Special is a one shot and there’s still a lot of other work to put the finish on. Anyway here’s the credits page which is maybe the first time I’ve had the chance to do the illustration artwork and graphic design on something, there’s been a few subtle changes to the final piece so I guess it’s ok if I just show off this little guy here for the people at home.

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