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May 5th Free Comic Book Day

May 2, 2012


Sorry for my lack of recent updates, I’ve been a busy bee these past few weeks trying to knock out as many penciled pages for this new FUBAR 24-pager, but enough about that, let’s not get ahead of ourselves since I really want to fill everyone in on current events surrounding Free Comic Book Day 2012 and the live event aspect of this coming weekend. A majority of FUBAR Central Command will be battling it out in the trenches of the Empire State at Comic Book Jones on Staten Island this Saturday just south of the Big Apple. I’ll be there along with Jeff McComsey and Dominic Vivona and it’s always a great time at CBJ so if you live anywhere in the tri-state area I’d suggest taking the drive over there and checking out the store it’s quite good. As for the rest of the FUBAR commandos I should have a list possibly tomorrow regarding who will be where as well as what shops will be participating with physical print copies of FUBAR The Devil’s Dance Floor to hand out Saturday at their respective shops. So stay tuned, info to follow shortly. By the way Lauren Monardo knocked out the above piece for Comic Book Jones Free Comic Book Day 2012 event and I dig it hardcore.

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