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FCBD 2012 New Rewards

March 19, 2012

The FUBAR/215INK/Liber Distro Free Comic Book Day 2012 Kickstarter is in full bloom and after our first very successful weekend of the campaign, we’ve restructured our goal to try and get our book into the hands of more shops and more readers. To try and raise double the capitol that we were initially seeking means that there must be new rewards and new merchandise to entice new supporters. So today we added the Small Press Commando t-shirt  and art print combo with the print you see above and a single color t shirt which I penciled and inked up and colored this weekend. Also soon to be available from the FUBAR camp will be a new 1″ inch pin set like our previous sets for Empire of the Rising Dead and European Theater of the Damned but this will be my most ambitious yet with a set tentatively totaling 9 Pins, there may be ten if i do 2 title pins or there may be 8 if i don’t do any title pins. The package will probably include a print of the different pins since art prints seem to be moving in this campaign. I’ve included the inked line-art up above to show you all a preview of the different zombie soldiers. Shoot on over to the kickstarter site and check it out there may very well be some cool merchandise that interests you. theres a direct link on the right sidebar of my blog home page

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