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FUBAR The Devil’s Dance Floor FCBD

March 16, 2012



The time has finally come when I can show finished pieces and talk of the hush hush project that I have been working on for the past few weeks because the kickstarter has been launched and I have some cool new pieces available as original art and prints for this campaign! FUBAR decided about a month ago that we wanted to do a book as an offering for Free Comic Book Day 2012, something that small press rarely ever gets the ability to participate in, so we teamed up with Liber Distro and 215INK to accomplish the improbable and try to get as many copies of our books into indy friendly comic shops across America and into the hands of our longtime fans and new fans who may just be hearing about us for the first time. As rewards we are offering tshirts, pins, stickers, prints, a whole ton of books, original art and all kinds of small press pulp goodies that you may never hear about if i wasn’t here right now saying it’s all quality and its all independent. Here’s a link to the kickstarter campaign that is running for 2 weeks only so if you like something pledge and pick it up, if we go over our goal it only goes toward printing more books and spreading the word further. You would have the unyielding appreciation of a large army of small press commandos for your support.


these are the 2 prints that we’ve made available as pledge rewards


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  1. will permalink
    April 23, 2012 6:25 am

    sick prints man, love the pin-up girl

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