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part 8, last update

March 9, 2012

So i wasn’t going to show any more in progress stuff on this piece without the full reveal but whatever plans change. Here’s the last two pics you guys get of work in progress. The front cover is done i added a little motion blur on the gun and some rim lighting to emphasis the muzzle flash as well as the last little bit of modeling to get the dynamics right. The back cover still has just a little bit of color to fully render out but you get the idea for the most part. I went in and changed the pure black up for something a little lighter and warmer, it tends to make the piece a bit more cohesive. The I tend to find the straight black a little too punchy and garish at the finish of these pieces so i usually change it out for something that lends itself better to the overall tone in this case the reddish hue worked for the dirty desert sand. Also used a little motion blur on the front Bren gun and on the soldier swinging the grenade on the back which i don’t use very often but this is action baby so i figured it’d be warranted. So i may throw a little text in this guy for the finish on the crates and the bags a few serial numbers and whatnot since i’m starting to embrace and appreciate my new found life as a paid graphic designer and of course I’ll finish up the masthead branding for tomorrow.

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  1. Steve Roberts permalink
    March 29, 2012 3:02 pm

    Dude, your artwork is beautiful! Do you mind me asking; what illustration program do you use and what kind of setup do you have?
    Love your work!

    • March 30, 2012 4:25 am

      Hey thanks so much Steve, I am glad you enjoy the work man, awesome! So I do all my layouts, pencils, an inking traditionally, well as traditional as brush pens and microns, then scan the stuff in and use PhotoShop for any corrections or alterations. I have an Intuous4 Wacom tablet which makes digital line art fixes a lot easier, haven’t gotten around to the Intuous5 or the Cintiq yet but maybe one day. I do all my toning and coloring digitally since its a lot easier to recover from a mistake digitally and it saves time and usually represents a better idea of what a finished printed piece will look like as oppose to traditional painting or markers, at least for me. I am running CS5 currently and been getting into doing some of of the final layouts for print files with InDesign since it’s built for speed and accuracy with type and design layouts, and blends vector and pixel based graphics seamlessly with a more comfortable workspace than fiddling a bunch of photoshop layers. Feel free to shoot me any more questions if thee was something you were curious about, that goes for anybody out there in internet land!

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