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2 Weeks at 1,000 MPH part 4

March 4, 2012

So i started on the under-painting for this cover last night and immediately remembered why i usually shy away from these giant multi figure pieces, because they are real goddamn pain in the ass especially if there’s some kind of environment and because i’m a noodler that likes detail and because I have very little color process discipline and like skip around from layer to layer a lot getting impatient with one thing moving to another working for an hour here on some flat colors and an hour here rendering out the under-painting so it get’s to be a real mess for about 3/4 of the time i spend on the piece. So I sat there for a few minutes first trying to get some things straightened out ahead of time and really concentrate on the composition and what would set certain character off though aspects of lighting that I usually don’t consider when i am doing a single figure composition. Contrast is really important when it comes to making something stand out so i tried to keep that in mind while working and then after about an hour of flatting in some colors realized that there was going to be 2 different armies pictured but they both would be wearing tan in a sandy desert on sandbags and olive drag ammunition crates, so at that point it seemed real fucking boring so I’ll probably be throwing a few more colors in later when the bare bones are straightened out. This is by no means finished its a really rough in progress of the colors, it’s not much to look at, since these things usually don’t come together until the end but since I’ve showed progress all along I figured Id throw this out there for the time being while i go take a 6 hour nap and get back on the horse. By the way this is the first piece i’ve ever done that’s larger than a gig, multiple layers at 400dpi at 40 inches wide, what a beast.

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