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2 weeks at 1,000 mph part 2

February 27, 2012

Looks like it’s going to be more like 3 or 4 weeks at a 1,00o  miles per hour but that’s ok, I’m not grinding my gears just yet. So the cover has become a wrap-a-round, it’s cool makes for a better composition mos def and seeing as how I already did the piece at 11×40 anyway fuck it right lets show it off a little bigger. So phase three of the project was a full size 2 page spread of a sexy pin-up and I got a good bit of the pencils for that pin-up finished. Something I’ve just gotten used to from not having an oversized scanner is working piecemeal and stitching everything together in one doc later in post prod, so i tend to work even larger and this cover and pin-up have become huge because i figure screw it i’ll be stitching it later anyway might as well try to get all the detail in that I want. This pin-up is gonna be a monster though at 10×26 all on the same sheet of paper which I never do, went and snagged a nice piece on Canson water color paper also something I never do, it’s got a minimal tooth still gonna shred the shit out of my brush pens but it should add a dry brush effect. , the I tend to be a frugal gourmet when it comes to surfaces i’ve used the same 11×17 29lb hammermill bright white laser copy paper forever and I know how its going to respond and what kind of line I am going to get off of it so a new variable is sort of like going into battle with an untested rifle but fuck it I’m a Small Press Commando, i’ll make the damn weapon work. Also went back to integrating micron pens back into my workflow, don’t know why i ever stopped I feel like I’ve gotten a bit of my edge back. anyway posted a few photos of in progress inks and pencils, but nothing definitive just yet. You’ll all hear about it when the times right.

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