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February 8, 2012

So I’ve known Ben Truman since college and Tim Truman slightly longer than that, and they are good guys, the type of down-right genuine good guys that people tell stories and speak volumes about, but Kitchell Hawken is a fuckin bad dude and that’s awesome! So when they asked if I wanted to help out on a special edition variant cover for the 6th issue of of their Hawken miniseries I said goddamn goddamn, count me in, and promptly went to work. Ben and Tim worked with Jeff McComsey and myself on the FUBAR 2 story Semper Fi so to be able to return the favor in kind and lend my pens to their book was pretty cool. So Jeff did a basic layout, Dominic Vivona laid down the lead, I did all the finished inks and then Jeff colored it all up for the final piece. So this book is being published through IDW and is in Previews Magazine this month and is available for pre-order til the end of February, the series is great I’ve got personal copies of everything that’s out and I’m telling you its real baddass stuff so if you dig on good westerns get to your local comic shop and ask for HAWKEN.

previews order code is FEB120388 for HAWKEN #6 (OF 6)

HAWKEN is a TM of Timothy and Benjamin Truman

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