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Corto, Usagi, and Jonny Quest

December 16, 2011

So the week before my computer crashed I had done a few pieces just trying to get a workflow down for finishing color pieces in a timely fashion since i don’t have the most abundant color work samples to show people. So every night after work I’d knock out a piece from pencils to inks to color usually in about 3 hours or so. Anyway when the OS failed I had thought the pieces would be lost forever since they weren’t back up anywhere but a friend of mine was able to recover a lot of my material and so I figured I’d share these ones today. We start with Hugo Pratt’s badass character Corto Maltese, next is Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo who i was first introduced to as a kid watching saturday morning ninja turtles cartoons, And lastly is Hanna-Barbera’s 1960’s action hero Jonny Quest.

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