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Thank You Everyone

September 7, 2011

Hey I just wanted to let everyone know that there are only 52 hours left to the FUBAR kickstarter fundraising campaign and I am tremendously grateful for every one of our contributors who have made it possible for us to be able to have a little breathing room and be able to think a little bigger this time around, it really means the world to myself and this production. The money that has been made will see the print run of book 2 paid and at this point that is an incredible feat and an unbelievable relief. I know you see the 100% funding and move along figuring everybody stepped it up and did their part but without trying to sound greedy or ungrateful, anything extra will help to offset the tremendous cost of taking the Firebase FUBAR war machine to conventions in 2012, because that grass roots campaigning is really the only success we see in our niche of the small press. The distro deals are lopsided against us, the royalties are meager and paid out quarterly or bi-annually leaving the liquidity of our production funds and ability to travel dry at best. Most in this industry know that unless we are distributing not just thousands of books but tens of thousands of books than the only winnable battles left within our reach mean we have to physically take the show on the road to draw a fan base that we can personally present the book to, and that costs time and money, time being the commodity that we have been more than willing to throw into the mix in abundance thus far. If you’ve been waiting to pledge until the last minute than I believe we are quickly approaching that deadline. We have quite a few new and interesting plans for FUBAR this coming year that will really change the role we’ve been playing out in this game but we need a little bit of capital to see them through at the pacing in which they will be viable to everyone. So if you haven’t done so yet than tell your friends, spread the word around, let the people know, let comic retailers know we have a book available for pre-order in October, drop us a line saying you want to do a story in the future, send a tweet, post a blog or just strap on a helmet and jump on board for the big fucking win. Thanks everybody


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