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Operation Dragonslayer

July 8, 2011

FUBAR2, the deuce, The Land of the Rising Dead, our ww2 Pacific Theater zombie smasher epic is off to the printer and it looks great. I collaborated on a really unsettling little short called Semper Fi, penned by Ben Truman and penciled by Jeff McComsey, wrote a story called No Guts No Glory, that Mike Bracco hammered out, and the feat of which I am most proud, codenamesd Operation Dragonslayer, is that in the closing days of production realizing I had not yet done anything truly original for the book by myself, decided I would just work until I had something awesome to show for it, and it has been a breakthrough of streamlining and internal process that left me with my most favorite story yet, and 11 page short called Radio Base Z that has opened my eyes and helped get over a lot of comic fear that I had been saddled with. Look for more stories to come shortly since now I am truly excited to do pages. Here’s the middle of Radio Base Z in the meantime while you are waiting to get your hands on your own version of FUBAR2

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  1. Robert Becker permalink
    July 24, 2011 3:42 am

    Very impressive work here. Did our hero parachute into this scene to seek out the Japanese wreck? Or did he just happen upon it by chance? Really like the look on the guy’s face when he realizes he’s about to become lunch!

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