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Boom Headshots and Wizard World Philly!

June 13, 2011

So everybody I apologize for slacking on getting more posts up, but I’ve been busy, well that’s no excuse I guess, everybody is busy and you don’t come around here to listen to me bitch about being busy right? So let’s talk about new work, I’ve got some new shit and maybe you wanna see it? So let’s start with 10 new zombie combat targets! What the fuck!? That’s right 10 new zombie combat head shot targets and I’m not talking rehash well one is rehash but I needed to see how they’d lay out before I committed to a whole slew of new designs but for real 9 new designs that I did over the weekend. Couple more Germans, a Russian, a Frenchman, a few Americans, and a Brit. Check them out they are in my Zombie Targets Page and I think you might like them. These new targets will be available this coming weekend when the FU Crew mans the FUBOOTH to take the Wizard World Philly Comic Con by force. FUCKING FORCE!! Anyway the booth is new and improved new parts and new pieces like we have a peeked roof now and an awning. Anyway come on out to the con we’re signing books and kicking ass for money.

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