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Final Colors

April 26, 2011

So I’ve been posting some of my process work over the past few weeks for the most current project that I’d been committed to and for all of you guys I figured that I might as well be a good sport and supply the finishes that I am still awaiting acknowledgement and approval of. At the bottom of the post are the two finished inks digitally colored and finessed, hopefully they will be accepted by the client so that I can move on to some very pressing FUBAR matters that have been building up.

As a bonus this was the first draft version of the feline that I was coloring early on while I was waiting for sketch approval since I didn’t want to waste any time given the original parameters of this project were to start and finish in color both illustrations in a weekend. I did this little diddy in the time I had to wait from the completion of my original sketches until I got feedback  for the confirmation from the art director. As it turned out there were way too many changes to make to the character to use this half finished color version but what the hell since I’ve already showed you everything else why not.

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