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Wasting Time

March 25, 2011

I started a new job this week and it’s got me a little stressed out, I’ve even done one of those things where you get up from a nap in the evening around the same time you’d be going to work and freak out because in correlation you’re on the verge of being late for work but it’s PM not AM so you feel like a fool when you almost call your boss to say you’re gonna be late but realize you’ve got it all wrong at just the last minute. So anyway a million new things to learn and absorb in a field that I’m not really a hundred percent comfortable and even though I’ve got a million other things that I probably should be doing right now,  for some reason I’ve kind of settled on taking some time in my own element and putting a little color into this quick zombie sketch. On a more substantial note I should have some screen shots this weekend of some backgrounds and assets and incidentals that didn’t find their way into the FUBAR: Killroy Was Here 24 hour video game design weekend. Hopefully that stuff will appear in the final incarnation of the game do out sometime in the future.

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