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February 11, 2011

So you all know that I’ve been working on the FUBAR property for some time now with all the shooting targets and merchandise and the comic and all that jazz. Well Jeff and I are expanding the label so to speak. I am sure all of you also know by now that the second volume FUBAR Empire Of The Rising Dead is in the works and that there is going to be an official  second printing of the first edition with the new title FUBAR European Theater Of  The Damned and all that’s common knowledge. This other thing here this is very hush hush so I can’t really divulge any secrets as to what the extended scope of this project is all about but I can show you these new fun sized character designs before anybody else has had a chance to lay eyes on them. I think the one has a Jonas Venture Jr look to him, granted they are subject to change before you see them in their final incarnation but for right now, they is what they is. So the character designs were well received and we brainstormed a lot of the other aspects of this project including some backgrounds and a few other details that I cant divulge without giving away the true nature of the beast, but the good news is you wont have long to wait to find out just what the hell I am talking about with all this cloak and dagger maneuvering. Here’s a little taste of some preliminary color in the meantime.

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