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BRTD Portraits

April 3, 2014

BTRD_Ports creditports

Did a few zombie portraits of some notable world leaders and revolutionaries from the height of the Cold War for the inside front cover credits section of the newest FUBAR issue, Better Red Than Dead. I’ve had a few requests for prog shots of the work so I throught I’d show you inks in there too to accompany the color mockup. I’ll have some more new stuff soon to post.


March 31, 2014


So I did this cosmic sputnik Dr. Stranglove atomic end of the world piece this weekend for the inside back cover of FUBAR: Better Red Than Dead. We only just realized that we can print inside front and back covers in color so we’re running with it. Space in color is kind of a bitch but whatevs, laugh in the face of adversity and all that. Anyway I’ll have the 4 other pieces I did this weekend posted probably tomorrow.

New concept work added

March 21, 2014

warrior fox lo res warrior cat lo res

I realized that I had some uncategorized concept art on my blog from a little ways back that needed a permanent home in the COLLECTION OF CONCEPT ART. These two pieces and their other derivations were for an anthropomorphic fighting game that was never green lit past the early concept phase. I started with some gnarly, battle hardened versions based on the rough concepts of the characters which ended up pared down into a bit of a more broad based and less frenzied finish. Still wish they’d gone with the first incarnations, those are part of what I would have wanted to play. So the 12 pieces from this job including the finishes are all the way down at the bottom, you’ll see them if you scroll. I’ll probably be loading up some other concept art within a day or 2 that I did a while back for another game that never saw the light of day, slightly different from my normal but still fun stuff.

6 New Zombie Targets

March 14, 2014


In the spirit of keeping this blog and the galleries contained within current I realized that there had been a few zombie targets that I finished a while back that for one reason or another never got added to the zombie target database that I’ve amassed here so take a look at the full gallery for the 5 new Headshots and the full torso Roman Centurion. My FUBAR Zombie Tactical Shooting Targets Page is by far my most popular gallery getting hits everyday from all over the world so why not keep it going strong, right? Anyway, there may be some new and exciting news involving the zombie targets but it’s a ways away so stay tuned and don’t worry I’ll keep you posted as it draws closer.

Boss Snake and Doc Unknown

March 13, 2014


I did this piece a few months back as a surprise for a fellow small press comic writer who has been a long running FUBAR alumni. I finished it right on the heals of his first Kickstarter campaign to fund the Doc Unknown volume 1 anthology and Boss Snake one shot. Fabian ended up using it as the back cover for the Boss Snake issue which was excited seeing as how most of my work is for various FUBAR projects lately and it’s fun to see it used a different way. If you’ve got eyeballs and good taste it’d be well worth taking a look at Doc Unknown written by Fabian Rangel Jr. and drawn by Ryan Cody, which is a cool pulp serial character practically right out of the days of radio. Go and check out the new Kickstarter campaign to get Doc Unknown vol 2 funded and out into the hands of fans.


March 12, 2014


I had a little time and since I’m trying to give it the old college try and get this blog working for me I went back through some of my galleries on here and was shocked by the lack of work that I’d managed to update in the past year. I was also surprised by how I now feel that a lot of the older pieces tend to be a bit unrepresentative. So with all that in mind I took into account that even if new work wasn’t a finished piece for print or was just a fun little projects for me I added it realizing that there’s a place here on the blog for it just so I can stay current with the world. Why make it if nobody else gets to see it right? So check out the ILLUSTRATIONS gallery for new pieces and a whole bunch more in the new GRAPHIC DESIGN and LAYOUTS gallery. Peruse through, drop some comments or “like” the pieces that stand out if you’re feeling up to it.

International Space Station

March 11, 2014


I don’t think I ever posted this piece up here on my blog. Anyways, I did this one a few months back for a fella who was working on a pitch to NASA about the International Space Station. I tried to emulate some of that feeling of the immensity of infinity that you get from those Jack Kirby and Wally Wood space scenes from back in the day. I might have something new and space themed coming up by the end of the month so stay tuned true believers and look to the skies.


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